Raj Kundra and Internet Addiction

Raj Kundra

On Monday, Raj Kundra was arrested along with six other men on suspicion of being part of a pornography ring that operated out of an apartment in New Delhi. The police called him a “prime suspect” in this case because of his prominent position as a music producer and singer. He was remanded in police custody until July 23rd when he will be formally charged. This article will try to look at the background of Raj Kundra and what took place around him for this case.

On Tuesday, Raj Kundra was named a “key participant” in the investigation into the scandalous activities of a group of young men who appeared to be in a relationship involving dozens of others. Kundra is the main singer of an underground Indian pop band called Raja Bandhan. On Monday, the principal investigator in the case stated that Raj Kundra is the main suspect in the case of selling and making obscene material over the internet.

According to the police, they have seized computers and other electronic devices belonging to the suspects that contain obscene material, child pornography, and live streaming videos. This case is being handled by the Metropolitan Police Department’s cybercrime unit. On Tuesday evening, Raj Kundra performed at a club in London. When news of the investigation broke, people flooded Raj Kundra’s Facebook page and asked for more information about the case.

A few hours later, it was announced that Raj Kundra would be appearing on an English talk show in India. At first, many fans were skeptical about this development, especially since Ravi Shetty, a popular Hindi actor, is not known for his conservative views on moral issues. However, it was soon revealed that Rajkundra was actually appearing on the show as a guest. The arrest of Raj Kundra is just the latest event in an increasingly disturbing case of Internet harassment in India and abroad.

On Sunday, a Dutch national was arrested in India after he was spotted in a hotel in Amsterdam having an affair with a male prostitute. The incident is not the first in an apparently organized group of Asian prostitution raids in Europe and the United Kingdom. Earlier this month, a British couple was arrested on suspicion of stealing and trafficking sex slaves from Asian countries including Malaysia and Singapore.

On February 4, the Mumbai police arrested an Indian woman on suspicion of being involved in a pornography case involving a minor. The woman was found near Nariman Point in Mumbai. The police quickly realized that the woman was associated with the controversial film called “Indian Chaat” (Porn: Real Story) by Sushmita Sen. The film is about a woman who belongs to the porn industry and becomes a part of the story.

The woman was seen by a private detective working undercover posing as a customer at a store where she is suspected of selling pornographic DVDs.The owner of the store was questioned by the police and told them that the woman had purchased some porn films and other things from him without his knowledge. When the detective tried to contact her, she became aggressive and refused to talk to him.

This is a worrying trend in the country and Bollywood has been at the receiving end of many such incidences over the past few years. We can only hope that Bollywood will curb this sort of behavior in its performers and movie personalities, lest the country’s reputation is also at stake.

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